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Salon Training Options

Currently offering spray tanning? Already have equipment, or staff with basic knowledge & experience? Looking to improve efficiency and quality or train additional resources quickly? A single day program offers a diverse amount hands on training to give your staff or business a great boost.

Salons or businesses who want the best or are completely new to spray tanning, we have answers! No equipment, product or prior knowledge or experience, no customer service, staff or client resources? Our full program will maximize your ability to master the art of spray tanning while covering much more than just technique. Includes salon & customer resources and marketing as well as opportunity for ongoing questions, performance reviews and corrective sessions!

Still not convinced? Facilities currently offering spray tanning but not sure whether their technicians need additional training - or are qualified to train other employees? 1 time current performance assessments will help guide you. We act as a service "shopper", experiencing the service as a real customer and then providing feedback on quality, knowledge, technique, salesmanship, etc. Includes: quiz.

Hourly sessions can be purchased ONLY after one of the 2 training options has been completed.

$89/Month gets you free online order processing & wholesale pricing on sunless products, equipment & parts shipped straight from distributor .... PLUS 1 free onsite 1 hour training session each month.

  • Service Consulting 40%
  • Training & Resources 80%
  • Custom Website & Marketing 25%
  • Wholesale Order Processing 35%


Sunless Training & Wholesale Pricing NOT available to The Public.


Individuals interested MUST become a Body Bronzing Affiliate FIRST by purchasing Our Mobile “Business Start-Up package.

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Photo Gallery & Instructions | Customer Information & Resources


Make Money Faster

Training: Hourly, Daily, Monthly Programs & Rates | Performance Eval, Single Day Rates, 2 Month Programs

  • #1 were born out of a PROVEN mobile spray tanning company. We are a complete replication of what made us successful.
  • We DO NOT WORK FOR A SUNLESS BRAND! We are not biased on products or solution. We do offer training with a variety of other brands in addition to Norvell.
  • We give you all the tools, resources and materials you need to become an amazing technician while operating a successful, high quality business.
  • PROFIT potential & ROI In Less Than 3 Months!
  • We’ve done all the work for you. Using our best practices and proven success will save you time and money

See What Our Clients Are Saying…

There is something about doing something right the first time that just pays off. When we launched our spray tanning services 6 weeks later, we had confidence in our ability to charge above market rate due to our investment in top quality training.

Lynn Danneberg

Salon Owner

I wanted to start a mobile spray tan business, so I googled! I found equipment and solution on ebay and amazon so I started ordering stuff. Then I tried to build a website from scratch and spent thousands more.

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Hiring experts to teach my 2 other staff members on everything there was to know about spray tanning in less than 2 months, saved me time and headache having to learn myself.

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info@spraytanbiz.com | 816.726.9007

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