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Why Own A Spray Tan Business?

Save Time And Money!

Buying our system, gives you a complete turnkey business minus the work, cost, time & brain power of starting a reputable company from scratch. 1 Time Start Up Cost | No Franchise Fees | Options For Ongoing Support & Advertising

How Can I Own A Whole Business So Easily?

Become A Body Bronzing Affiliate

  • The Right Solution and Products 25%
  • The Right Technique 25%
  • The Right People 25%
  • The Right Customer Resources 25%

Online Presence

  • Email account configuration: name@spraytanbiz.com domain
  • Google drive housing all electronic documents
  • Custom website featuring mobile platform
  • Photo gallery, about section, instructions, Q&A, pricing & hours (editable)
  • Key words & metatags specific to your spray tanning service
  • Web-form / Contact form
  • QR Code JPEG for tracking analytics


  • Electronic Training Manual – Norvell University
  • Training Videos
  • Technician Instructions & Client Questions
  • Pre/during session instructions for tech
  • Post instructions for client
  • Solution care 101

Marketing and Documents

  • Custom Logo
  • Custom business card design
  • Flyer Template
  • Gift card, Gift certificate Templates
  • Photo book
  • Client release forms
  • Legal forms, payment authorization, non competes, etc.
  • Customer tracking forms

Wholesale Order Processing

Ordering as an EBB Affiliate Means:

  • Distributor Prices No Tax ID or License required
  • Ships Directly from Warehouse
  • Avoid defective 3rd party solution
  • Easy Online Order Processing
  • Salon Costs on Retail Products

ADDITIONAL OPTIONAL SERVICES (available per request, billed individually):

ADDITIONAL SERVICES (available per request, billed individually):- these vary and usually aren’t all done at once unless you want them set up in advance. Wait to invest in any of these until your business is up and running, and you are confident in your services. Maybe 6 months to a year in. Listed is a one time fee for setting up everything below, but some of them are services you have to continue to pay for through the entity. For example:

  • Hands On Training
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Review Profile
  • Online Booking Account Set-Up & Integration
  • PayPal integration & set up
  • Facebook Page Set-UP
  • Newsletter account & template set-up


Learn How To Spray Tan, Manage Your Clients & Run Your Business



Have NO idea how to spray tan or even much about it?


You’ll be giving access to a world of resources PLUS a complete “business in a box”.

Don't have a professional email or logo?


We’ve got each of your very own waiting for you!

Don't have a tax id # to order directly from distributors?


Order through our account for WHOLESALE salon prices!

Don't have time or $1000's for a website?


No worries, we’ve designed an awesome one and customized it just for you.

Appear Professional & Informative To Your Customers. Utilize our resources for:

Instant Credibility | Legitimacy | Quality | Efficiency

50% OFF ALL PRICING ONCE YOU BECOME A BODY BRONZING AFFILIATE. PRICING FOR SPRAY TANNING PROFESSIONALS ONLY. Sunless Training & Wholesale Pricing NOT available to The Public. For this pricing: Prior to purchasing salon equipment or hands on training, individuals MUST become a Body Bronzing Affiliate by purchasing Our Mobile “Business Start-Up package.

Equipment Package

$1299/ONE TIME!
  • M-1000 mobile spray machine
  • Norvel Pop Up Tent
  • 1 Liter Training Solution, 1 Liter Amber Sun Solution
  • pH Balancing Spray

Equipment Package

$1850/ONE TIME!
  • VIP Mobile Arena spray machine
  • Gun Upgrade
  • Norvel Pop Up Tent
  • 1 Liter Training Solution, 1 Liter Amber Sun Solution
  • pH Balancing Spray

Supplies Package

Solution | Retail | Fan
$899/As needed
  • Add to any equipment package 
  • Overspray Fan
  • Gallon Dark solution
  • Liter Double Dark solution
  • *Retail Product Line

As Needed Hourly Sessions

  • Hands on training – Technique & set-up
  • Experience a spray tan (free)

  • Questions from technicians

  • performance evaluations

  • corrective technique Color changes


Equipment & Product Consulting | Training, Research & Development



Support Documents & Resources


Professional Branding

Gift & Business Cards | Website & Email | Social Media



Responsive Website

Photo Gallery & Instructions | Customer Information & Resources



Forms, Documents & Templates

Photo Gallery & Instructions | Customer Information & Resources


Why can’t I just buy equipment and solution off the internet?

Once you’ve have access to your training materials, you will learn quickly the factors (heat, time, oxygen, water) that can make spray tan solution “oxidize” or go bad. You will agree, the best way to get a client to come back – is to use fresh solution directly from distribution.

  • Solution from the manufacturers  salon distribution centers is NOT available for sale to the public. When product is re-sold through different parties, it is much more likely to be exposed to variables
  • It is illegal for 3rd party entities such as tanning companies, Amazon, Ebay, Etc. to sell Norvell solution & professional equipment to the public or without being a licensed distributor.
  • We DO NOT MARK UP THE PRICES. We care less about making money and more about protecting the market from services done with poor quality solution.
  • Just try looking at all of the different spray tanning solution & equipment there is to choose from. Just for kicks, we started reading the reviews on products and equipment others had paid the price trying. The pictures looked great, but check out the image to the right. Our Affiliates agree to use the right equipment and products for guaranteed top quality…no questions asked.


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Flawless Custom Spray Tan

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